Prince Of The Air

by Sana Obruent

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Sana Obruent is - Paul Lopez

All tracks were recorded and mixed at TSC studios somewhere in California.

And special thanks to my brother Anthony Lopez for the collaboration on Semper Et Valete.

Press release for 'Prince Of The Air' by Sana Obruent:

“Prince of the Air” is not Aladdin riding his magic carpet, it’s rather a ghost frozen in time, stuck in the air, watching the world below him slowly change into something he wished wouldn’t become true. It is a sentimental record in which memories seem to swirl through hallways and become the listener’s own. Also, the prince of the power of the air is said to be the Devil.

Sana Obruent is the drone/ambient project from Paul Lopez who lives “somewhere in California”. His music is recorded live, at night and in total isolation – which is something you can hear.

Once started with “Semper Et Valete” the record fills the room with the kind of melancholic darkness that – for 70 minutes - turns your life into a state of wake/sleep. “Prince of the Air” paralyzes your body and transcends your mind, yet it’s not per se a record for the exhausted who might fall asleep any second and miss the best part, it’s an album for the open-eyed staring at the creaking ceiling which - you realize it much too late! - is sucked in by a slow motion black hole.

Once the whole roof is gone you can hear the distant arctic sounds much better.

You may listen, you may even witness something slightly disturbing, but you are unable to move. Enjoy the freeze.

Norman Records UK - Album Review of Sana Obruent - Prince Of The Air:

Me stressed. Me need ambience.....and luckily this week there is a fair smattering of drifty things to calm me down and while Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet would win any Ambient Album of the week we'd care to introduce this seventy minute album of hushed drones is a perfect back up plan.

Sana Obruent is Paul Lopez who apparently lives “somewhere in California” which is a vague enough description to get me imagining he's out in the hills somewhere concocting this stuff at the dead of night. Most tracks come in at around the ten minute mark and consist of subtly evolving tones in which is firmly set to "relax". Like the best music of this genre it undulates and churns. Coming in and out of focus like a blurred photograph of something terribly bleak.

If the weekly dose of Celer records isn't enough for you then this should be one of Decembers go-to drifts. Fall asleep to it in the half light and remember to lie on your best eiderdown.


released October 16, 2012




all rights reserved


Sana Obruent California

Verum musicum (by Erik Satie)

Qui proficit in sapientia ... ... clara est et didicit carere

sacrificia magna et paratus sit ad sacrificia ingenti ... ...

si dici potest sua industria ... est ingenti ...

... In certamen paratum est ad honestatem et ipse pugnabit is ...
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Track Name: Semper Et Valete
Track composed by Anthony Lopez/Paul Lopez